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Coffee Break - French step by step - Podcasts
Publisher: Radio Lingua Network
Publication date: 2007-2010
Format / Quality: MP3 only
source language: French/English
Size: 1GB
Description: Coffee Break French - French language learning course designed for beginning and intermediate level. Coffee Break French presented 80 lessons of 15-20 minutes (a total of 28.3 hours of mp3). The course is organized in the form of communication English teacher Mark and Anna, commenting and explaining the lessons in English.

Extras. information:
Only for those who know English at the secondary level

Lesson 1
Basic greetings; asking how you are and giving a response.
Lesson 2
Greetings at different times of the day; saying goodbye; giving your name.
Lesson 3
Saying where you’re from; asking people where they’re from; countries; using the word ‘also’.
Lesson 4
Saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’; saying where you live; using the words ‘but’ and ‘now’. Access lesson
Lesson 5
Talking about your family; introducing people; giving other people’s names; pronunciation tips.
Lesson 6
Giving more information about your family; numbers 1-10; names.
Lesson 7
Talking about your job; saying where you work; saying whether you like your work or not.
Lesson 8
Talking about your likes and dislikes; talking about what you like doing.
Lesson 9
Review and practice of material covered in lessons 1-8.
Lesson 10
Christmas and New Year celebrations; giving gifts; songs.
Lesson 11
Dealing with language problems; saying you don’t understand; talking about which languages you speak.
Lesson 12
Counting from 11 upwards; days of the week; months and seasons of the year.
Lesson 13
Talking about places in the town; asking for directions.
Lesson 14
More help with talking about your town and asking for directions. Access lesson
Lesson 15
Ordering drinks in a café.
Lesson 16
More café language.
Lesson 17
Ordering snacks and food in a restaurant.
Lesson 18
Dealing with other restaurant situations and dietary requirements/allergies.
Lesson 19
Review of language covered in lessons 11-18.
Lesson 20
Dialogue incorporating language from previous lessons.
Lesson 21
Talking about the weather (today and tomorrow). Access lesson
Lesson 22
Checking into a hotel; describing the room you require.
Lesson 23
Dealing with problems in hotels.
Lesson 24
Campsite accommodation; alphabet in French. Access lesson
Lesson 25
Shopping language; currencies; paying for things.
Lesson 26
Shopping for gifts; shopping for food in a market.
Lesson 27
Changing money and other bank transactions.
Lesson 28
Parts of the body; aches and pains.
Lesson 29
Visiting a pharmacy; symptoms and remedies.
Lesson 30
Putting you to the test – lessons 21-29.
Lesson 31
Review episode covering lessons 1-30. Access lesson
Lesson 32
Arriving at the airport and getting to the hotel.
Lesson 33
Arriving at the hotel and solving reservation problems.
Lesson 34
Ordering breakfast in the hotel and making conversation with other tourists. Access lesson
Lesson 35
Tourist information office; talking about what there is in the town.
Lesson 36
Shopping for items.
Lesson 37
Asking for information in the hotel; public transport.
Lesson 38
At the pharmacy; explaining what is wrong.
Lesson 39
Conversation with a family on the beach.
Lesson 40
Talking about languages and language-learning.
Lesson 41
Talking about what you do at the weekend; present tense of -er verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 42
Daily routine; talking about what time you do things.
Lesson 43
Daily routine; time; reflexive verbs.
Lesson 44
Making arrangements; regular verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 45
More on making arrangements; ‘going out’ phrases; irregular verb aller.
Lesson 46
Introducing avoir (to have) and être (to be).
Lesson 47
Testing your understanding of verbs
Lesson 48
Adjectives and their agreements.
Lesson 49
More on adjectives; adjectives which come before the noun.
Lesson 50
Identity quiz; review of descriptions.
Lesson 51
Talking about the future; using the immediate future aller + infinitive. Access lesson
Lesson 52
Talking about the negative version of aller + infinitive; saying ’some’ in French.
Lesson 53
Talking about the past; introducing the perfect tense of -er verbs.
Lesson 54
Talking about the past; the perfect tense of -re and -ir verbs. Access lesson
Lesson 55
Verbs which have irregular past participles in the perfect tense.
Lesson 56
Looking at verbs which take être in the perfect tense as their auxiliary verb.
Lesson 57
Learnng all the “être verbs” – talking about motion and movement in the past.
Lesson 58
Talking more about the past; using reflexive verbs in the perfect tense.
Lesson 59
Saying “this”, “these”, “that” and “those in French.
Lesson 60
Review lesson: using a diary entry we check your comprehension of recent lessons.
Lesson 61
Two tiny words which cause lots of problems for learners: y and en. Access lesson
Lesson 62
Introducing the imperfect tense of -er verbs: talking more about the past.
Lesson 63
The imperfect tense of -re and -ir verbs.
Lesson 64
Describing things in the past; when to use the imperfect tense. Access lesson
Lesson 65
Solving the mystery of qui and que.
Lesson 66
Saying what you’ve just done (venir de faire quelque chose); avant de faire quelque chose.
Lesson 67
Extending your range of vocabulary: après avoir fait quelque chose
Lesson 68
Using taxis. Access lesson
Lesson 69
Hiring a car in French.
Lesson 70
Making telephone calls in French.
Lesson 71
Radio play episode 1: introductions, talking about yourself. Access lesson
Lesson 72
Radio play episode 2: continuing to develop your range of expression.
Lesson 73
Radio play episode 3: negatives, saying ‘never’ and making suggestions.
Lesson 74
Radio play episode 4: introduction to the subjunctive and review of beaucoup de. Access lesson
Lesson 75
Radio play episode 5: conditional tense introduction’; the comparative; using the pronoun en.
Lesson 76
Radio play episode 6: more conditional tense; in-depth look at tu and vous.
Lesson 77
Radio play episode 7: future tense.
Lesson 78
Radio play episode 8: pluperfect tense; avoir expressions. Access lesson
Lesson 79
Radio play episode 9: future; conditional; inviting people to do things.
Lesson 80
Radio play episode 10: final lesson; review of material covered.​
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