Polymeric Biomaterials


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مدیر ارشد

Polymeric Biomaterials: Second Edition by Severian Dumitriu
Publisher: CRC Press | 2001 | ISBN: 0824705696 | Pages: 1168 | PDF | 26.27 MB​

"Three times larger than its predecessor. Presents the chemical, physical, and structural properties of polysaccharides and synthetic and biodegradable polymers. Provides current applications of biomaterials and polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, biomedical sensing, and skin grafting, and as medical adhesives and textiles."

Offering nearly 7000 references-3900 more than the first edition-Polymeric Biomaterials, Second Edition is an up-to-the-minute source for plastics and biomedical engineers, polymer scientists, biochemists, molecular biologists, macromolecular chemists, pharmacists, cardiovascular and plastic surgeons, and graduate and medical students in these disciplines. Completely revised and updated, it includes coverage of genetic engineering, synthesis of biodegradable polymers, hydrogels, and mucoadhesive polymers, as well as polymers for dermacosmetic treatments, burn and wound dressings, orthopedic surgery, artificial joints, vascular prostheses, and in blood contacting systems.​


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