Modern Polymer Spectroscopy


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Modern Polymer Spectroscopy

Modern Polymer Spectroscopy
Wiley-VCH | ISBN: 3527296557 | 1999-04-27 | PDF | 304 pages | 18 Mb

Modern Polymer Spectroscopy provides a 'guided tour' to the state of the art in polymer analysis by vibrational spectroscopy. Five renowned experts describe new experimental and theoretical techniques. Areas of focus include:
- two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy
- segmental mobility of liquid crystalline polymers under external fields
- dynamics and structure of polymers with chemical and structural disorder
- spectra of polyconjugated conducting polymers
- theoretical calculations on biopolymers.
Readers learn experimental techniques and theoretical tools essential for obtaining more valuable information from their vibrational spectra, in order too solve problems that would otherwise be impossible.
An essential reference for all professionals who need to keep abreast at the latest developments in the field, graduate students in polymer science, material science and the biosciences using spectroscopic techniques will profit from the wealth of information provided in this state-of-the-art guide.



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