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Aaron G Green Associates

Aaron G Green Associates

Aaron G. Green Associates is a comprehensive design and service-oriented business dedicated to
architectural craftsmanship. The firm offers the traditional palette of Basic Services for Architects, yet we
extend ourselves further than most in our ability to offer “in-house” capability to perform various special
services which are normally handled by “outside” consultants for the project. These include Master
Planning, Space Programming, Interior Design, Custom Casework Design, Special Equipment Design,
Color and Furnishing selection, Landscape Design, Environmental Graphic Design, model building, and
presentation renderings. These disciplines are employed to produce a unified harmonious result that is
aesthetically satisfying, as well as more easily discernible and understood by its users and the community at large
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Energy and Environment in Architecture

Energy and Environment in Architecture

This technical guides deals with environmental issues facing every architect at the concept stage of designing a building. Used during the initial design stage, the unique manual design tool, LT Method (2.1), helps the architect determine the energy efficiency of alternative design schemes. It predicts the energy use for lighting, heating, cooling and ventilating.
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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

This book aims to summarise the existing sources of best practice
guidance on the design of sustainable buildings and built
environments. Each chapter provides information on critical
aspects of a particular topic and sources of further guidance by
way of an annotated bibliography. The case studies highlight
experiences to date to improve understanding and encourage
implementation. They are not all best practice solutions. It is
intended that this will help the reader to access the guidance,
tools and techniques available for staying abreast of choices and
issues and to make informed ‘holistic’ decisions to assist in
designing healthy, affordable, resource-efficient buildings fit for
individuals and communities.
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Sustainable Living: The role of whole life costs and values

Sustainable Living: The role of whole life costs and values

Lifetime studies are becoming commonplace in product evaluations. However,
this does not apply to buildings and related activities owing to the relatively
longer period involved, which leads to uncertainty. Many books which deal with
the design and construction of sustainable houses have been published. However,
sustainability also depends on the post-occupation activities of the users, which
have not been highlighted. This book attempts to fill that gap in knowledge
through the use of results from a recently completed research project.
The book demonstrates the implications of choices the designers, developers and
building-users make to achieve sustainability in the residential building sector,
through an analysis that covers the full lifespan. It identifies the problems
associated with current practices through a lifespan model that considers costs,
embodied and operating energy use, environmental impact, and global warming
potential. The model was developed based on current practices employed in New
Zealand and highlights the need for a new holistic approach to be taken. By
considering the full lifespan, and many items such as finishes, furniture and
appliances, which are usually disregarded in evaluations, the text demonstrates
the importance of material and systems selection and user behaviour. It discusses
the major issues ranked based on their importance for achieving greater sustainability
in residential projects and highlights those which are not in common
The book also demonstrates the practical use of life cycle analysis for achieving
best practice in construction and use of residential buildings. It provides a
practical guide to designers and the general public in applying the lessons learnt
to individual projects to achieve sustainability in residential buildings.
The book consists of a general discussion of issues ranked based on their
importance for achieving sustainability, with case studies intended for the general
reader and detailed justification of the importance of issues for the more
specialised reader.
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Alternative Energy Systeams in Building Design

Peter Gevorkian, Ph.D., P.E. Energy.pdf