Creating a larger role for environmental psychology


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Creating a larger role for environmental psychology: The Reasonable Person
Model as an integrative framework

Stephen Kaplan, Rachel Kaplan-2009

We argue that the environment, broadly construed, has a profound effect on human cognition, action and well-being. If this is true, then the field of environmental psychology has a far larger potential to aid humanity than is generally realized. We suggest that the field would be more likely to achieve this potential if it viewed environments from the perspective of human informational needs, and focused on environmental/informational patterns that have the potential to make it easier for people to help themselves. Further, achieving such benefits could be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of the many opportunities available for collaborating with researchers in other areas of psychology. The Reasonable Person Model is offered as a perspective that could facilitate moving in these various new directions while taking advantage of the considerable existent knowledge about human–environment interactions that is currently underappreciated.

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